The counter revolutionary forces of white monopoly capital led by Johann Rupert and supported by opposition parties and the white media have called for a regime change. In this time, the heightened desperation and revolutionary anger of blacks are being channeled for neo liberal ends via organized white power.  Now more than ever , the forces of revolution need  to organize every segment of black life to resist and deal with this anti black offensive. The following extract from BLF’s press statement titled “Political Questions Facing The Country” delivered in Yeoville on 2 April 2016, is instructive:

“The call by Johann Rupert for a coup follows the failed attempt by his agents within the ANC, NEC to remove Zuma as expected by their handlers. Johann Rupert lost it and showed his hand.  Now Malema has also endorsed the programme of  regime change by Rupert and Co.

Johan Rupert and imperialism wants to remove Zuma before the people remove him through a revolutionary process that would ensure the end of white supremacy.

The call for Zuma to go is a calculation to make a pre-emptive strike to ensure a new stooge is put in power to ensure white interests are perpetuated. The favourite candidate right now is Cyril Ramaphosa who has already demonstrated that he can serve the interests of white capital even violently. Ramaphosa is not shy to kill for white capital – the Marikana massacre bears testimony to this.

The call for Zuma to go is because he no longer listens to white capital,  he is looking “East for A family feast”- Russia, India and China. The close relationship with the Guptas is seen by white as a sign of how things are going to be if he is not quickly removed.

If Zuma is not removed he may introduce a bad culture of not taking the calls from London. The Guptas have upset white capital by entering into the mining sector aggressively. We saw how they  bought Swiss owned Optimum coal. This deal is badly reported on and Brian Molefe is not given the credit he deserves as a patriot trying to safeguard national assets within a system that doesn’t permit this. No one knows that Optimum as owned by the Swiss actually tried to bully Eskom to break a deal it already has to try and pocket more money under threats of precipitating  “loadsheding”.

The Guptas Must Go campaign is a campaign of white capital in its new attempt to reclaim their hold on the South African economy.

We wish to warn our people to be careful and not follow the agendas of white people under the pretext of fighting corruption.

We call on our people to reject the counter revolutionary call by the Rupert and Malema alliance. It is not about fighting corruption, it is about fighting for Rupert and white capital.

It’s a diversion from the fact that we want our land back!

We want Rupert and other land thieves to know that we are coming to take back the land. As we speak BLF members are organising around Stellenbosch.”

In this context BLF calls on blacks to join, build and support this beautiful revolutionary movement so as to end capitalist imperialism, white supremacy and all the other ills that manifest as the black condition and to install a black socialist system of governance.


5 April 2016

Issued By Black First Land First National Coordinating Committee

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Yerushka Chetty
National Coordinator
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Lwazi Ntombela
Deputy National Coordinator
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Today we remember the hundreds of our people murdered by the apartheid regime for standing up and saying “enough is enough”.

Today we remember and honor the leadership and legacy of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe. We remember his exemplary motto of “Serve…Suffer…Sacrifice”.  Sobukwe led from the front. He was prepared to suffer for his beliefs.

Today we note that those who murdered and maimed our people remain free. Those who massacred our people have not been called to account.
We note that there has not been acknowledgement, there has not been reparations for the Sharpville massacre.

The government of the ANC has whitewashed the blood of Sharpville with words. The ANC government has erased the truth of the day by not calling it what it was – a massacre that happened in Sharpeville before spreading to the other black zones up to the dusty streets of Cape Town’s townships.

Today we are here to demand acknowledgement, to demand reparations, to demand and work to realise justice. The fight of our people was for land and dignity that comes with the land. The only real basis for moving forward is the return of our land.

Those who suffered, who lost families must now be compensated without any further delay. We don’t need another Commission of Inquiry on reparations. Pay the people!  They have suffered enough already!

On justice, BLF supports the call of the Anti Racism Action Forum (ARAF) that says:


Long Live The Spirit Of The Class Of Sharpeville!
Your Blood Shall Not Be Spilt In Vain!


21 March 2016

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Black First Land First (BLF) celebrates the historic decisions of the two great African nations of Zimababwe and Ghana for ending the colonial borders which has kept us divided and conquered for so long. The decision of these two nations within days from each other to allow free movement of Afrikans is the biggest and most positive development since the Independence of Ghana in 1957 which was a catalyst for decolonization of the Afrikan continent.

As a Black Consciousness and Pan Africanist Movement from the colonial enclave called South Africa, we stand in awe and are inspired by the great leadership of President Mugabe and the Ghanaian leadership of President John Dramani Mahama for their foresightedness on the issue of the Afrikan colonial borders. Undermining the colonial borders is not an economic imperative but a political and moral requirement to decolonise the Afrikan continent. The need to allow our peoples free movement with dignity is an end it itself. The unification of the Afrikan continent is our only shield against wars of aggression, western engineered distabilisation and recolonization of the Afrikan continent. The breaking down of the colonial borders is the first step towards realising the dream of Kwame Nkrumah’s generation of selfless Afrikan leaders.

We call upon SA to immediately follow suit and to end the criminalisation of Afrikans and allow for the free movement of our people. We call on SA to learn from Zimbabwe how to harmonize movement of our people within a frame-work that sustains and encourages a Pan Afrikanist spirit for real. The SA goverment must furthermore commit to economic integration with the SADC region without further delays to ensure the economic revival and stabilisation within a Socialist Pan Afrikanist frame-work not determined by imperialist agendas.

BLF believes only the policy of Pan Afrikanism and the philosophy of Black Consciousness can guarantee the liberation of the African continent. We are therefore encouraged and energised by the removal of colonial borders. Now we call upon our leaders to also end the neo-colonial economic borders that link the continent to Europe and the USA as gifts to be exploited and humiliated.

BLF echoes Nkrumah: Decolonise the Mind! Decolonise the Land!


Monday, 14 March 2016

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Black First Land First Mail: blackfirstlandfirst@gmail.com

Zanele Lwana
(National Spokesperson)
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Mail: zanelelwana@gmail.com

Lindsay Maasdorp
(National Spokesperson)
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Our movement Black First Land First (BLF) fully supports the students struggle of Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).

The students struggle is just and it’s demands reasonable. For two weeks the students were engaged in peaceful protest for free education and an end to the evil outsourcing process. For two weeks the TUT management responded with repression (bringing armed private security onto campus and suspending student leaders), with divide and rule tactics (getting SASCO to abandon the students and join management just like the homeland leaders under apartheid) and with indifference (non compliance with students demands).

Furthermore, the university has now been unilaterally closed as a mechanism to break the spirit of the students and isolate students leaders. We ask why must students leave campus? Why is management running away from finding solutions?

BLF stands with the students in their refusal to leave campus. We call upon the Vice Chancellor to open dialogue with students without further waste of time.

To the TUT warriors, remember there is no struggle without sacrifices. Keep strong, keep struggling!

Aluta continua


9 March 2016

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Black First Land First Mail: blackfirstlandfirst@gmail.com

Zanele Lwana
(National Spokesperson)
Cell: +27 79 486 9087
Mail: zanelelwana@gmail.com

Lindsay Maasdorp
(National Spokesperson)
Cell: +27 79 915 2957
Mail: lgmaasdorp@hotmail.com



Prof Lourens R van Straden

Vice Chancellor

Tshwane University of Technology



Dear Prof van Straden

I write to you mandated by the joint leadership structures of the TUT SRC who are engaged in the struggle for free education and an end to outsourcing in your university. We met last night (Friday, 04 March) up to this morning. We were able to address two mass meetings on Soshanguve campuses of TUT in this period. The leaders of PASMA, SADESMO, EFF and SCO all engaged us with the view of bringing attention to the serious situations students are faced with and the totally unhelpful response from you and the university management. We were shocked to learn that you have suspended the authentic leaders of the students and basically refused to talk to the SRC. We were shocked to learn that you have decided to divide the student leadership by turning SASCO into prefects who represent not the wishes and interests of students, but rather those of management.

Talking to the students and their leaders we have come to the conclusion that an urgent intervention from you by Sunday would assist in averting events which we cannot predict but which are certain to occur from next week Monday. We were met with disappointment, with despair, and above all by the righteous determination of students to get free education by any means necessary. Needless to say we stand with the students one hundred percent because we know that free education is possible. We implore you to also choose the side of the students and stop being an agent of the ANC government which is denying our children education. You still have the opportunity to choose the side of the students and workers. This opportunity shall not always be there. From our assessment there is little room to play any delaying tactics. The application of apartheid repressive measures will not work. It did not work with PW Botha, it will not work with you.

We saw that your campus is a mini war zone. You have private security on army vehicles harassing students as if they are criminals. We received testimonies of generalised terrorism by these private askaris you have brought onto campus.

VC we didn’t send our children to university to be treated like outlaws. You are the parent of those children away from their homes. You are obliged by your position to treat them as you would treat your own children. You have turned the campus into a militarised space where learning or critical engagement is impossible.
VC, things are changing and they are changing fast in our nation. You may not be aware of these seismic shifts until it’s too late. We call upon you to save the situation and do the right thing. Choose the side of history or go down with those who are destined to go into the dustbin of history with the colonial rot. The demands of the students and workers are not impossible to meet. Your own actions in defence of the violent, exclusionary, capitalist, anti-black system has only served to compound the situation.

We call upon you to the meet following with immediate effect:

1. Lift the suspension on all the student leaders;
2. Drop all charges against student leaders;
3. Implement free education, no student who cannot pay should be forced to pay;
4. Implement insourcing without any further delays, with full employee benefits to all workers;
5. Withdraw private security stationed on campus now.

Prof van Staden, we understand it has been two weeks of general peaceful protest. You have responded in a heavy handed manner. You have left students very little option but to escalate their own struggles because like Pharaoh, you have decided to shut your eyes and ears to the cry of the black students. We saw how leaders of the revolutionary student movement were trying to calm the students to give you and your administration one more chance to show leadership. Take this letter as a friendly warning shot. Meet the demands stated above and avert the incoming inferno. The responsibility of free education is not yours or your administrations’ burden. It’s the responsibility of government. You can now choose to march with the students, workers, and broader South African society, or you can choose to march against these revolutionary forces whose time has come. The choice is yours.

I leave you with Matthew 3:11.

I thank you.

Andile Mngxitama

National Convenor of Black First Land First (BLF)



On this day the 05-12 1924 in Azania the God of Africa gave to us a warrior, a leader, a servant of the the African people and that was Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe. Even his name Mangaliso which means a “Miracle” really for Azania, his birth was almost miraculous because Africa was in great need for a leader of his stature. Today we remember not only the man but his service to the realisation of a free Azania, where black people will be able to call their souls their own.


As BLF we draw our strength from this giant of Africa, to continue with his vision of a free Azania that truly belongs to its people. Today is a day all black people should use to reflect; organise ourselves and check whether we are still on the path which was charted to us by Sobukwe. BLF recognises that it is due to Sobukwe that we can affirm unequivocally without fear of contradiction, that for any meaningful freedom to be realised it must be for Black people first as we continue to be the most oppressed people in South Africa.


BLF knows that Sobukwe cannot be happy where he is when after 21 years of the so called democratic South African rule its people still remain the most poor and landless. We know this because for Sobukwe the land remained until his death the most essential, for he realised that without the people owning their land there can be no freedom, for without the land that nation is doomed.  The PAC’s famous rallying call “Izwe Lethu” which puts the land question at the centre of our peoples struggles attest to why the land question cannot be compromised.


This fundamental pillar is what led Sobukwe to breakaway from the ANC in 1955 when it adopted the Freedom Charter in Kliptown. Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe was totally against the notion that our land belonged to all who lived in it, meaning even those who colonised us had a rightful claim to our land.

In 1958 Sobukwe said on the adoption of the Freedom Charter:

“according to us the Freedom Charter is an irreconcilable conflict with the 1949 Programme seeing that it claims land no longer for Africans, but is auctioned for sale to all who live in this country. We have come to the parting of ways and we are here and now giving notice that we are disassociating ourselves from the ANC”

Today, on the birth day of the father of Pan-Africanism in occupied Azania BLF wish to reaffirm our commitment of the return of the land to its rightful owners (Africans) without any compensation or compromise. We wish to reaffirm as Sobukwe did before us that we will reject and expose anyone or any organisation that seeks to promote the “sell-out Freedom Charter” to our people as a solution to the return of our stolen land and our long lost freedom.


The Freedom Charter is not a bible for liberation, it is a program of surrender. It was written by whites to maintain white supremacy and it is a tragedy that black leaders have been coerced by agents of whiteness to promote it as a programme of liberation.

Sobukwe as a leader served, suffered and sacrificed for the realisation of a free Azania. In an age where leaders of political partys in South Africa would not dare do what s/he asks of her/his members, Robert Sobukwe serves as a shining example of true revolutionary leaders that led from the front, instilling the type of leadership that institutionalised the moto “a leader must walk the walk and talk the talk” to engender confidence in the masses. Sobukwe remains one of the most feared revolutionaries in the history of the liberation struggle,  because of his non compromising stance on land, there has been focused efforts to systematically erase his powerful legacy.

We commit ourselves to never sell-out Sobukwe’s dream by deceiving the landless and the oppressed! We know the Freedom Charter is a programme of surrender not revolution! We stand with Sobukwe and Biko in the total rejection of the Freedom Charter!

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We thank our black Gods for Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe.

Azania shall prevail! Izwe Lethu! Sobukwe Lives!


5 December 2015

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unnamed watermark

We promise the politicians nothing! We demand that they deliver everything! All the political parties have now published their manifestoes; the empty ritual they buy our votes with. We say 17 years of elections without change are enough. Now we make our own manifesto:

We, the people of South Africa, hereby legislate a new law, titled “POLITICIANS AND PUBLIC SERVANTS: USE PUBLIC SERVICES”. This law compels all politicians, from the president to the local councilor, and all public servants, from the Director General to the sweeper and their families to use public utilities: Starting with the following:

  1. Hospitals.
  2. Schools.
  3. Transport.
  4. Housing! (The same standard house given to citizens must be used by all politicians and public servants)
  5. A living wage for all!
  6. Land belong to the people

Our politicians and public servants have neglected public services for far too long because they know they can take their families to the private sector. We say, what’s good for you is good for us. Equality for all, for real!

Our hospitals are falling apart; doctors and nurses are overworked and underpaid. By and large our public hospitals are places of death.  Simply put, no one is safe in our public hospitals. Our leaders, politicians, senior public servants and their families use private hospitals and that is why they don’t care about public hospitals which are used by the poor.

Our public schools are in bad condition, teachers are underpaid and the government is not investing in their training with the result that after 12 years of schooling most children from public schools can’t read, write or count.  This leads to a high unemployment rate amongst the youth who are trapped in hopelessness. Politicians and senior civil servants take their children to private schools.  This explains why public schools are not a priority for them.

Our public transport system is appalling. Every morning and night our people are packed into taxis, buses and trains like sardines. The queues are long and the fares are high. Our leaders, the rich and senior civil servants have big subsidies to get private transport. Some of our ministers can buy cars worth millions with tax payers’ money.

The townships are generally badly serviced. The houses are small and millions are forced to live in shacks. The RDP houses built by our black government are worse than the matchbox houses built during apartheid. Our leaders live in mansions, while the people are forced to live in rat-infested townships.

A living wage, the ANC and DA parties have legislated starvation minimum wages for our people. Farm workers earn a shocking R105 a day. Our government kills workers when they demand a living wage as in Marikana but cabinet ministers and members of parliament give themselves millions in salaries.

Land For 20 years of the ANC has delivered only 8% of land to black. It would take 100s of years to buy back our land.  Why are we buying our land back? We demand that all the land be nationalised without compensation and be equitably redistributed amongst the people.

We hereby commit ourselves to struggle to realize this legislation to hold public representatives and servants accountable to the people!

Together let’s make this law a reality.

This campaign is undertaken in the memory of Andries Tatane who was killed by our government for demanding quality services for all!

Issued by the September National Imbizo (SNI).