IMG-20160112-WA0008On Thursday 14 January 2016, Minister Blade Nzimande met with the Student Representative Council’s (SRC’s) from across academic institutions nationally in Kempton Park, Johannesburg. This came after President Jacob Zuma almost robotically announced a Commission of Inquiry into Higher Education Funding.

Since the beginning of the student protests for Free Education, historically black universities and the popular #FeesMustFall campaign, students have been clear on what is needed: Free Education. Hence calling a meeting with a select group, SRC’s who have been rejected by the students and therefore have no legitimacy, is opportunistic and seeks to crush a genuine desire that all should be allowed to learn.

It is an obvious and outdated strategy by the anti-black ANC government to setup a commission, which we know only serves to lull those who demand a basic human right into some kind of inactivity. Having a Commission of Inquiry into Higher Education Funding further enforces that education must be commodified for it to be any good, a lie that goes directly against the demand for Free Socialist Black Centred Education.

The neglect of the students and their basic human rights is seen at a number of levels. Since the ANC government became the operators of the anti-black system they have had 22 years to think and strategise, that’s not considering the 100+ years of planning they should have done. It is now time for action.

The meetings by Minister Blade Nzimande with SRC’s ignored the position taken by students, “Nothing About Us, Without Us!” The announcement of this commission undermines the holistic work done by students around education and further ignores the fact that it is impossible to have a decolonised University in a colonised country, hence the demand for Fees Must Fall is equally the demand for Land!

BLF stands with the students, Nothing About Us, Without Us!

BLF rejects the SRC’s as they are part of the ANC government’s anti-black machine operators maintaining a white-supremacist order. BLF further rejects the Commission of Inquiry into Higher Education Funding as a ploy to supress the students, and buy time to safeguard the ANC’s political ambition for the 2016 local elections.

BLF calls on students from across the country to:

1) continue to isolate sell-outs – SRC, PYA, SASCO, Nehawu and any ANC aligned movements

2) shutdown campuses until the demand for Free Socialist Black Centred Education is met

3) occupy anti-black state institutions such as The Union Buildings, Parliament of South Africa as well as Luthuli House

BLF implores all black people to remember that we cannot decolonise a university in a colonised country, and so the call for Free Socialist Black Centred Education is the call for Land.

15 January 2016

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We promise the politicians nothing! We demand that they deliver everything! All the political parties have now published their manifestoes; the empty ritual they buy our votes with. We say 17 years of elections without change are enough. Now we make our own manifesto:

We, the people of South Africa, hereby legislate a new law, titled “POLITICIANS AND PUBLIC SERVANTS: USE PUBLIC SERVICES”. This law compels all politicians, from the president to the local councilor, and all public servants, from the Director General to the sweeper and their families to use public utilities: Starting with the following:

  1. Hospitals.
  2. Schools.
  3. Transport.
  4. Housing! (The same standard house given to citizens must be used by all politicians and public servants)
  5. A living wage for all!
  6. Land belong to the people

Our politicians and public servants have neglected public services for far too long because they know they can take their families to the private sector. We say, what’s good for you is good for us. Equality for all, for real!

Our hospitals are falling apart; doctors and nurses are overworked and underpaid. By and large our public hospitals are places of death.  Simply put, no one is safe in our public hospitals. Our leaders, politicians, senior public servants and their families use private hospitals and that is why they don’t care about public hospitals which are used by the poor.

Our public schools are in bad condition, teachers are underpaid and the government is not investing in their training with the result that after 12 years of schooling most children from public schools can’t read, write or count.  This leads to a high unemployment rate amongst the youth who are trapped in hopelessness. Politicians and senior civil servants take their children to private schools.  This explains why public schools are not a priority for them.

Our public transport system is appalling. Every morning and night our people are packed into taxis, buses and trains like sardines. The queues are long and the fares are high. Our leaders, the rich and senior civil servants have big subsidies to get private transport. Some of our ministers can buy cars worth millions with tax payers’ money.

The townships are generally badly serviced. The houses are small and millions are forced to live in shacks. The RDP houses built by our black government are worse than the matchbox houses built during apartheid. Our leaders live in mansions, while the people are forced to live in rat-infested townships.

A living wage, the ANC and DA parties have legislated starvation minimum wages for our people. Farm workers earn a shocking R105 a day. Our government kills workers when they demand a living wage as in Marikana but cabinet ministers and members of parliament give themselves millions in salaries.

Land For 20 years of the ANC has delivered only 8% of land to black. It would take 100s of years to buy back our land.  Why are we buying our land back? We demand that all the land be nationalised without compensation and be equitably redistributed amongst the people.

We hereby commit ourselves to struggle to realize this legislation to hold public representatives and servants accountable to the people!

Together let’s make this law a reality.

This campaign is undertaken in the memory of Andries Tatane who was killed by our government for demanding quality services for all!

Issued by the September National Imbizo (SNI).




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I the undersigned, hereby voluntarily, without any personal or business interest, have chosen out of my free will and without prejudice to serve the public as an elected representative of the people /  an employee in the public sector.

I understand that the most important principle and  my duty  is to  serve the public through providing  high quality services to all persons alike and that this necessarily entails performing the duties of my office conscientiously and to the best of my ability!

This OATH is undertaken in the spirit of Thomas Sankara who set a shining example of how the public service must serve the people and not politicians or public servants.

I also understand that mutual respect between the State and its citizens is key to realizing true equality and I therefore, as a politician/public servant, do hereby commit myself to engage in prior consultation with the public to determine their needs so as to ensure that public services which are provided respond to the real needs of the people.

At no point shall I involve the police or any repressive arm of the state in dealing with matters related to the provision of public services to the people. It is not a crime for people to demand that the State provide public services to all its citizens in equal measure. The people are not criminals!

I commit myself to help build and promote an efficient public service system that ensures the real and legal dignity and equality of all. As a practical indication of my acknowledgement that the only way to ensure that the services that I provide are of an acceptable standard, I hereby undertake to use the services that the public sector provides to the people.  What is good for me is good for the people!

I THEREFORE declare that it is a criminal offence to use private services for myself, my family and my dependents, including but not limited to: education, healthcare, housing and transport. I’m committed to public service therefore; I use the services I provide.








By Lizard-Staffrider
Sober Analyst

4 June 2014

In the past few months we have seen the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) with great speed abandon the slogan asijiki and adopt another one : siyagijima! This rapid changing of slogans by EFF indicates rapid shifts in the ideology and philosophy of the movement away from its radical roots into an accommodationist liberal movement that no longer wants “land expropriation without compensation”. In full flight of siyagijima entered the new and alien notions of “unoccupied”,“unproductive”, “abandoned” and “idle” land. Like the ANC and DA, EFF now doesn’t want to disturb the peace and only wants the land that white “land thieves” don’t want or don’t use – abandoned and idle land –  this is what the struggle has been reduced to! So the question must be asked, siyagijima siyaphi?

The rapid changing of slogans substitutes sustainable programmes on the ground. The party is driven by the frivolity and superficiality of fashion politics. Everything is fleeting at great speed- siyagijima! We all know fashion is the practice of permanent change at a superficial level. It’s change that changes nothing. It’s change to remain“relevant”, to be in the mainstream, to reproduce the status qou! Followers of fashion are in a perpetual state of chasing “what’s new”. Revolution is about fundamental change not chasing fashion and creating one spectacle after the other. Revolution is not about chasing newspaper headlines.

Fashion politics is driven by newspaper headlines where every action has to be colored in red, not given revolutionary content. We see that the noble commitment to lead and support community struggles has become a chance to be on television or the front page of the newspaper.  The people’s struggles are appropriated by these siyagijima activists; who are here now and in the next moment gone to the next protest march to claim leadership in front of the tv cameras. Is it not strange that up to now there has not been a single successful land occupation by EFF? EFF doesn’t want land occupations. It is not interested in them working. It wants only media coverage that projects it as the champion of the poor and land struggles. A directive was shot from Braamfontein, that all provinces must each have a “land occupation”programme. The provincial leadership responded by seeking moments for the media and then went home. Often the land occupiers are without any support when arrested! Once the photo-shoot is over the struggle for land is over. It makes little sense that a rally is attended by several thousands of people while a land occupation occurs by a few people. Land occupations are not planned nor supported. They are an abuse of the desire for land and change by our people and only serve to demoralise them.

When university students undertook an autonomous struggle in the decolonising of the university, led by the “Rhodes Must Fall” movement in University of Cape Town (UCT), EFF went into a desperate attempt to appropriate the student struggle instead of giving it support. There were even messianic calls by EFF leaders that only they can bring the statues down. A few EFF-led quick moves for the media were undertaken and then as the photo-shoot ended the campaign ended too. A revolutionary movement should not be interested in taking over student struggles. It should instead give the students critical support by assisting them to give revolutionary content to their struggles and to sustain them.

It must be asked, so what happened to the call for all casualized / temporary / labour broker bound workers to submit their names to the EFF office? Newspaper headlines were gained, the abused and exploited workers were forgotten! Anyway, the idea of EFF fighting for workers rights has now been exposed as a lie. The CCMA has seen more than a hundred cases of complaints lodged by EFF employees who have been treated as slaves by EFF. Those who work for the EFF have been treated as workers without rights and many are winning their cases in the CCMA. EFF is like a brutal white farmer or mine owner when it comes to treating those it employs. Imagine what will happen to workers when EFF is in power. The siyagijima brigade is so busy running and has no time to reflect on the bad and reactionary practices of party leadership.
EFF has abandoned workers rights, as it has abandoned land return, as it has abandoned asijiki for siyagijima! EFF had abandoned it’s own Founding Manifesto when it begged money from white land thieves in Stellenbosch and promised them that their land is free. Julius Malema has made sure there is no questioning, only running at high speed to nowhere. These days when questions are asked about party positions and anti-revolutionary practices, the response is a picture of a tent full of people in red shirts and a slogan, “siyagijiima!”. Imagine the scenario where one asked:  “if  Julius  Malema says he was not in Maputo but his credit card was swiped there, why does he not show the media his passport?”,  the response from abagijimi (the runners) is to produce a picture of a rally and repeat the slogan, “siyagijima”. Here the members of EFF have been tricked into believing just like the members of the ANC that if they have numbers they don’t have to worry about the truth. Since the ANC has more numbers than all political parties in SA, it can cover the truth up more effectively. However EFF is not far off in using the idea of numbers to hide the truth. It’s like the ANC is saying, “you can say all you want about Nkandla, we have the numbers”. It’s what one once said are “voting cows”. Well siyagijima is a response of cows.

This year alone already EFF has held more than 6 rallies and yet more are to come. Things are happening at fast speed, siyagijima! The strange thing about these rallies is that they are held in tents. These tents serve two purposes. The first is to create the impression of a big and well attended meeting. A rally in a tent?  This is new! But that is only a secondary consideration. The real objective of rallies is the theft of organisational funds. Rallies allow for inflation of prices and collusion with service providers for purposes of money laundering. The four main money spinners are: the tent, the sound, the stage and buses or transport.  These services can be given to companies that are owned by friends and they then the supply services at inflated prices. For example, if a tent is R500 000, the company inflates the price to R2 million on the instruction of party leaders. The same applies for sound and stage as well as for buses or any frm of transport. So rallies are not used to build the movement and revolution but used as a way to steal from the party. People going to rallies shout, Siya,gijima! The response must be  siyagijima siyaphi?

The politics of siyagijima have turned EFF into a massive event management company to manage rallies. These rallies are like roving rock music festivals across the country. Just like a proper rock band on tour, EFF functionaries are enlisted to travel ahead of rallies into localities to put posters and invite members of the community to the rally and to come and listen to the rock star, the commander in chief and son of the soil, insult Zuma and lizards. He will make them laugh, he will make them cry, he will make them believe, he will give them hope and they will feel relieved for the duration of the performance.The poor, the bored, the denigrated and disillusioned leave the rally addressed by the CIC imbued with new hope and euphoria. They are like the grass eating and petrol drinking members of the new churches.  Under the spell of great words that speak to ones suffering, faith grows so much that one can even allow one to be jumped on or even go naked. The same practice of make-believe used by the charismatic pastors is at play here. Everything is experienced as the truth. In science this false cure is called the placebo effect. It works only for a little while. But the sense of belief and relief one experiences during the rally is like a drug fix, its as addictive as nyaope. One can’t wait for the next fix. The commander in chief on top of the imposing stage with booming speakers leaves them awe-struck. Like in a true rock festivals, fans faint and stomp their feet in hysteria!

Slogans are not the concentrated expression of political beliefs. Slogans tells us about the understanding of the immediate tasks of the revolution. Asijiki was a statement of refusal to compromise. Siyagijima is a statement of surrender covered in urgent meaningless action. EFF has been reduced from a revolutionary movement into a party of meaningless activity. This serves the counter-revolution well. Besides enriching the leadership through inflated prices for the rallies it gives the impatient angry and hungry fighters false relief. The fighters want action. Instead their tense bodies are given relief through a rally, songs and occational bashing of those who dare question the leadership. The fighters want revolutionary action. They are ready but instead they are given meaningless tasks of organising meaningless rallies. Siyagijima is the one more action in the long list indicating the right wing turn of the EFF as it becomes the private property of the leadership and abandons the mission of creating a revolutionary subject for the emancipation of the oppressed. EFF has lost direction! It is running free like a wild horse to nowhere. Siyagijima! We ask siyaphhi?


25 May 2015

The EFF Staff Workers Forum would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Apollo Gopolang Bohosi from the Northern Cape, Tumi Tau also from the Northern Cape,  and Celi Nkambule from Mpumalanga for winning their cases at the CCMA.  This is after they were unfairly dismissed by EFF led by Julius Malema.

It is important to remember that the EFF has failed to pay UIF and PAYE for its staff workers and we will ensure that they account for this crime.

We would like to applaud the CCMA for being objective and ensuring that the rights of workers are protected against an exploitive leadership that claims to be the vanguard of the working class.

It is also a pleasure to announce that none of the staff workers has lost a case with the CCMA. All other cases are ongoing and we are confident of victory.

We take the victory of the three fighters as a victory for the entire staff workers in EFF.  Staff workers must know that they can always count on us for support and they must not fear standing up for their rights.

We call upon the EFF leadership to comply with the law as per the CCMA rullings and pay these three workers their awards with immediate effect.

The EFF must know that the plight of workers shall always be victorious even against a gangster leadership disguised as a  vanguard of the working class.

Cell: 0767158937


In a continent still plagued by abject poverty, civil wars, diseases and corrupt governments, this Africa Day, we must ask whether there is anything really that Africans can celebrate? All the big imperialist nations continue to loot African resources ultimately rendering our people hopeless. It is worth mentioning that currently 14 African countries still transfer most of their profits to French banks which serves as a form of colonial tax. Moreover, our people are subjected to abuse and death as they flee from their countries and some even from their own continent in pursuit of a better life. In these new lands the African is treated with contempt as the most wretched of the earth fueling all forms of anti black violence including Afrophobia. Africa is cursed with leaders who crack the whip on its own people in service of its old colonial masters.

As the September National Imbizo we say: Africa is not free! We have no reason to celebrate! Slavery is rife and as is currently evident unaccounted for in the USA. We stand with all the revolutionary black people in America fighting for liberation. Colonialism is very much alive in Africa! We commit ourselves to realise a truly liberated Africa.

To end the current carnage, wrongly called xenophobia, we need radical Pan Afrikanism and Black Consciousness! Only then will Blacks/Africans understand that the cause of this madness is neo-colonialism and white supremacy, only then shall we understand that democracy (political freedom without ending colonial land theft) is in service of white supremacy, only then shall we understand that all the borders in Africa today were not put up by us but by those who enslaved and colonised us! What is shocking is how deeply we Africans have internalised what white supremacy created to serve white interests. Each time we call a black person a “foreigner” we are speaking the language of the colonizer. Whites in Europe are creating a single Europe with one identity document and one currency. Here in Africa blacks don’t get it! We are still holding on to the colonial enclaves which don’t even belong to us. SA currently does not belong to black people. More than 80% of the land is owned by about 35 000 white families and trusts. The resolution of the colonial question, which is primarily the land question, is key to stabilising life in Africa. We shall not compromise! We call for land first (all of it), destruction of the colonial borders, and the establishment of a United States of Africa under one economy and one political and military arrangement. We can only do that if we defeat the comprador who currently rule Africa in service of the master. The comprador is too corrupt to end white rule. They cut deals with our oppressors all the time. Our people are victims of hunger and ignorance hence they attack their fellow blacks. Hence Steve Biko correctly said that our people suffer from both material and spiritual want. It is the duty of all revolutionaries to understand Pan Africanism and Black Consciousness and to agitate for real revolution,  not compromises with land thieves and colonizers! The South Africa government is the epitome of anti black neo colonialism as exemplified by “Operation Fiela” and in this regard SNI condemns its actions.

Until the day Africa is not defined by misery, landlessness and destitution there is nothing that any of us can celebrate! On this day referred to as  “Africa Day” SNI directs all revolutionaries to the good counsel of Frantz Fanon in “The Pitfalls of National Consciousness” in his book  “The Wretched of the Earth”:

We Are The One’s We Have Been Waiting For!


25 May 2015



I am a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). I belong to Thomas Sankara Ward 78 in the Tshwane Region. I am also an additional member of the Branch Command Team (BCT).

I am lodging a complaint regarding the criminally and politically offensive conduct of the President of the EFF, Julius Sello Malema. The nature and content of the allegations that constitute my complaint clearly disclose certain offence(s) as contemplated in the EFF Discipline Code of Conduct.

EFF was conceived by a politics and ideological perspective that locates at its centre the total liberation of the oppressed majority via the realization of its 7 non negotiable cardinal pillars as indicated in both the EFF Constitution and Founding Manifesto. Land expropriation without compensation is the first of the cardinal pillars of the EFF.

The EFF Founding Manifesto and policy document on land elaborates significantly on the meaning and implementation of this cardinal pillar number one. We have in our founding documents exposed the colonial theft of all land and vowed to expropriate all of it without compensation.. We condemned the theft, allocation, denial and use of our land along racial capitalistic lines!

We offered the ruling party our proportion of the national votes so that the constitution of the country could be amended so as to cater for “land expropriation without compensation”.

On Wednesday 22 April 2015 in PAARL Julius Malema engaged the leaders of the white agricultural sector in the Western Cape at a dinner hosted by their forum“Gesprek”. At this event Malema reassured whites that their interests in land are secured and intact and in this way allayed their fears on the issue of “expropriation of land without compensation”.

He told these whites “(a)s long as its a productive farm, we don’t have to interfere with the production on that piece of land.” This is clearly not in line with EFF’s cardinal pillar number one.

He further clarified and reassured the white agricultural sector that,“(w)hen there is part of a land which is not used for agriculture purposes, we would be having a problem. All we are saying is the land must be used. It must not lie idle”. Julius Malema accordingly thus guaranteed unhindered and free ownership, use and enjoyment of land by whites under EFF governance. He further encouraged them not to leave any land idle so as to ensure full ownership (by themselves) of all land. Again this is clearly not in line with EFF’s cardinal pillar number one which is self explanatory.

Malema called on white farmers to empower black people. Firstly, since Malema had already guaranteed them that all their interests in land will be secured as is the case now, it is clear that the interests of blacks in land repossession without compensation were sold out by him to allay white fears. Secondly, our first cardinal pillar is clear “expropriation of land without compensation”. This means that we take our destiny into our own hands and take back our land without compensation to the land thieves!
Malema’s call here is clearly in contravention of cardinal pillar number one.

To add insult to injury our President then does the despicable thing of asking these white farmers to mentor blacks. The EFF Constitution calls for the destruction of white supremacy together with the bourgeoisie and all other exploitative relations and upon its ashes to install a system that responds to the total needs of the people. It intimates that the medium through which white supremacy is to be destroyed is via the realisation of the 7 non negotiable cardinal pillars. How is white supremacy (and in particular whiteness as a system and culture of black oppression) going to be destroyed when Malema calls on whites (who are sustained by white supremacy) to mentor blacks. The call for mentorship of blacks (in relation to land) by whites under a system of white supremacy is a call to sustain the same oppressive system. This call by our president is clearly in conflict with cardinal pillar number one.

Malema went on to say to the members of Gesprek, “(i)f you love this country, you must love its people. Say to them I’m volunteering my services. I’m going to make sure the land is used productively and used to feed the children of this community…We need to protect you. We need to make wine from France very expensive.”

He basically guaranteed that the current racist capitalist relations would remain intact and effectively pleaded for whites to love blacks and to re-assure us that they will use the land productively and feed us. He intimated that an EFF government would also subsidize and protect (white) farmers so as to ensure that they are not disadvantaged by “cheap agricultural imports”.

When against this backdrop Malema subsequently said that “(e)verybody in agriculture will be given tractors and seeds…to allow agriculture to continue” he was clearly not referring to blacks whose rights he had already denied by abandoning the first cardinal principle of “expropriation of all land without compensation”. Moreover when Malema asks these white captains of agriculture to “(t)ransfer that skills so we can double production in agriculture…and create some opportunities for previously disadvantaged people of South Africa,” it is a plea to no end since he already vowed not to upset the current racist capitalist relations in relation to productive land.

As a member of the EFF it is my right to defend the party’s cardinal pillars and in this case I rise in defence of cardinal pillar number one.

I submit that EFF in not a poor party as it receives about R70 million from the people of this country via the IEC and parliament annually. Irrespective of the financial status of the organization there is no need for julius Malema, as the leader of the EFF, to plead with land thieves for money in exchange for the birthright of blacks. .

Julius Malema’s offer to the white farmers was in effect a relinquishment of the right to productive land of the black majority (whose interests the EFF has pledged to realize and protect) in exchange for donations and for non productive land.

The promise of Julius Malema to the white agricultural sector to expropriate only “non-productive” land serves to protect white farmers against EFF’s committment for land repossession via occupations so as to correct the original colonial land theft.

As a result of his conduct as indicated above Julius Malema, as President of EFF, has contravened sections 1.1.1; 1.1.2; 1.1.3; 1.1.11, and; 1.1.15 the of the EFF Discipline Code of Conduct which provide as follows:

“1. No EFF member shall commit or participate in conduct, including utterances, which amounts to:

1.1. bringing the organisation into disrepute;

1.2. a breach of the EFF Constitution, its policies and principles;

1.3. abuse of power or office;

1.11. defining himself or herself outside the organisational structures and discipline;

1.15. undermining the integrity and impeding the organisational programmes of the EFF”

I am hereby charging Julius Malema in his capacity as aforesaid for contravening the above provisions of the EFF Discipline Code of Conduct and I ask that he be subjected to a disciplinary hearing without delay.

Yours In The Struggle For Economic Freedom In Our Lifetime,

Rre Botsang Moiloa
Tel: +27 83 884 7787
11 May 2015