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Dear comrades, friends and sympathisers of our revolutionary movement BLACK FIRST LAND FIRST,

In my capacity as National Convenor of Black First Land First (BLF), I wish to acknowledge the great efforts of members of our movement who last week highlighted the matter of R563 Billion stolen by white capital.  Now no-one can say they do not know. In particular, I wish to acknowledge the great work done to expose how for four years, the Public Protector has neglected the matter of the R26 Billion stolen by white capital. Great work black warriors, you have made Sobukwe, Biko and Sankara proud! I shall propose to the National Coordination Committee (NCC) that all those who took part in the direct actions at the PPs office and at the Annual Tutu Peace Lecture be considered for the Red Star of Sankara for good revolutionary conduct.

There has been lots of misinformation and desperate attempts to vilify BLF and try project our movement as irrational. Truth is, for four years there was no progress was made on the matter we have raised. Secondly, the office of the PP is lying to protect white capital. The Dep PP said on national TV, that BLF will get feedback the following day (last week Thursday). Nothing of the sort happened, not even by Friday. He has my numbers. We got to the office of the PP the following Tuesday, where we were told by the Dep PP that the PP was in Cape Town. Later, upon the arrival of the police, it was discovered that he had lied and that the PP was in fact in the building but refused to see or meet with BLF. We then took a decision to follow her everywhere, until she gives a satisfactory response to our reasonable requests. The letter they produced on Tuesday is not a response, it is an insult. It says nothing about anything. She is being deliberately evasive and misleading.

We also note with deep concern how the PP is giving Paul Hoffman priority, and treats him as a dear friend, while on the other hand, she treats BLF with total disdain. Is it because we are BLACK? The R26 Billion was not stolen from Hoffman, it was stolen from the public. The grief that the PPs office has given BLF is uncalled for. On our part, as a movement, we shall continue to fight until the R26 Billion is returned to the unemployed black youth. Next week more actions shall be announced and undertaken to recover the R26 Billion. BLF will fight that once this money is returned, it is given directly to the Black unemployed youth.

October is Sankara Month. We remember our brother and leader. We pledge to do good revolutionary work to honour his great example.

Wishing you a BLACK FIRST weekend!

Issued by the National Convenor of BLF

Andile Mngxitama


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