Racists have no right to be racist!

Message from the President of BLF

Our revolutionary movement is at war with the entire white supremacist order constructed in 1652 with the arrival of whites in our country. This evil order established by whites was not destroyed in 1994. It was instead given a new legitimacy by the Constitution of South Africa. White supremacy was founded on land theft and genocide against black people. The result of the defeat of black people in the wars of land reclamation has led to the situation where we blacks are a people without rights. Our land and country remain in the hands of European foreigners who control everything including the media.

Black First Land First (BLF) has vowed to fight to the end against the white system of oppression, which in the economic sphere is manifest as white monopoly capital (WMC). Our movement has put WMC under tremendous pressure. We have been revealing the inherent corruption of WMC, which is hidden from the people by the white owned media. When BLF said that ABSA is a criminal rogue bank, many didn’t believe us. However our assertion has been vindicated by the Public Protector’s final report on 19 June that the South African Government and the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) improperly failed to recover an amount of R3.2 billion stolen by ABSA from SARB as cited in the CIEX report. The Public Protector further found that ABSA must pay back the amount of R1.125 billion.

Now the truth is out. ABSA must pay back the money! BLF has launched protest action against ABSA to force it to pay back the money. In Gauteng, on 28 June 2017 – the day the protest action was kick started – no less than seven ABSA branches were shut down by the revolutionary action of our people. We commend these brave actions by BLF members.

ABSA must pay back the money

BLF gave ABSA until today, Wednesday 5th July, to make an undertaking to pay back the money or face a national shut down. This deadline stands! ABSA is now panicking and running to the courts to try and hide behind Roman Dutch law. This would not assist them. ABSA will pay back the money! As part of its anti black strategy of legal lynchings, ABSA has lodged an urgent application with the High Court to stop BLF from organizing our national shut down. We won’t be stopped!

Racist journalists be warned

BLF believes in freedom of expression and media freedom. However these freedoms do not extend to the right of racists to be racist. Also the right of media freedom does not extent to the right to cover-up corruption by white monopoly capital. BLF shall continue to fight racism whenever it shows its ugly head. We maintain our warning to all racist journalists to stop their racist reporting, or face BLF in our righteous protest.

The racist journalists are panicking. They, like ABSA, are running to court to hide behind the protection of Roman Dutch law. BLF shall not be deterred by foreign legal precepts. We are clear and resolute – racists have no right to be racist!

BLF notes that these white racist journalists have launched an urgent court application against us in an attempt to take away our right to protest. We shall continue to protest against racism and shall, in this respect, resume our actions as soon as possible!

Land thieves are also in a panic

We note that land thieves are in a panic. The so called AgriBusiness is also planning to take BLF to court to stop us from organizing actions regarding Land Expropriation Without Compensation. BLF is in a process of setting up Land Expropriation Committees nationally so as to organize land occupations on white owned farms. This process shall continue. The land thieves too are picnicking and hiding behind Roman Dutch law. We call on all our members, together with our people, to organize land expropriation committees and to identify white owned productive farms for occupation without delay. This is the commitment we made during the Land Imbizo in Soweto. No land thieves will stop us. We are clear, LAND or DEATH!

Comrades, the legal lynchings by white journalists, ABSA, and Agribusiness are expected reactions from our enemies. The use of the courts, as the first line of defence by white monopoly capital and land thieves, shows that the judiciary is not transformed. It is still the judiciary of white supremacy. BLF has exposed the double standards in the media and so called institutions of democracy like the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC). Evidently, when black journalists face real threats there is no outrage. However, when white journalists face legitimate protests from blacks for their racism we see massive protection by these institutions. What this means is that the only people with rights are the white people in this country. Similarly there is hypocritical outrage about BLF protesting outside the home of the defender of corruption – the racist, Peter Bruce. However, no such outrage was seen when the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) and Save South Africa thugs protested at the home as well as the place of worship of the Gupta family. The standard of acceptable protest was set by these same racists who are now howling like hyenas when they taste their own medicine.

Black journalists

We also wish to state again that BLF has no plans to protest against any black journalist. We know some are askaris who work too hard to defend white monopoly capital. Many others each suffer from an identity crisis. They actually believe that they are white. These are not our enemies they are captured brothers and sisters who we must liberate. We have seen this condition manifest during the great Haitian revolution when our black brothers and sisters, with identity crisis, sided with the slave masters. This is nothing new. We see that the racist white journalists are trying to create black on black violence between BLF and black journalists. We won’t fall unto that trap!

Oppose the judicial lynchings

BLF has instructed its lawyers to oppose these legal lynchings by representatives of white monopoly capital. Our power doesn’t lie in the courts! That’s the territory of our enemies who stole our land. Our territory is the street. Let’s mobilise to defeat white supremacy. Let’s organise to take back the land. Nothing can stop us!

Down with racism!
Down with land thieves!

BLF President
Andile Mngxitama
5 July 2017

BLF Email: blackfirstlandfirst@gmail.com
Facebook: Black First Land First
Twitter: @black1stland1st
Website: http://www.blf.org.za

BLF President
Andile Mngxitama
Cell number: +27 82 678 3200

Zanele Lwana
(National Spokesperson)
Cell: +27799867225

Lindsay Maasdorp
(National Spokesperson)
Cell: +27 79 915 2957

Brian Tloubatla
(Deputy National Spokesperson)
Cell: +27 82 216 7664


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