BLF yesterday accepted President Zuma’s apology on “Nkandla” and called on him to do the right thing. It gave clear political direction. Here’s an extract from BLF’s press statement titled “Political Questions Facing The Country” delivered in Yeoville on 2 April 2016: 

“President Zuma has last night took full responsibility for his actions or lack of actions on the Nkandla matter. We welcome this humble move by President Zuma. He has asked to be forgiven. We forgive him and say for us the Nkandla thing should never have detained the nation so long – its a side issue and detracts from the important work of national reconstruction.

Now we want to also ask that President Zuma take his responsibility as leader of the nation seriously. We say to Msholozi stop worrying yourself about what whites think about you. What we want from you is the following:

1. Land return to black people without paying a cent. Stop talking about it, do it!

2. Ask for forgiveness for Marikana, give the victims and their children reparations NOW!

3. Nationalise and socialise the mines and other strategic sectors of the economy!

4. Strenghthen the links with BRICS and make sure its anti imperialist!

5. Declare Free Education for real, don’t listen to Blade Nzimande, he is not interested in helping black students.

6. End the horrible slavery called outsourcing.

7. Free All APLA Soldiers Now! 

We have many more demands, we are not going to wait for you to meet these demands. But if you do decide to meet them, your legacy would not be Nkandla.” 

The crisis of leadership and vision can be solved. We need to develop and implement a national agenda capable of rescuing us from the  real and present danger in which white capital is engineering a regime change so as to ensure nothing changes.

In this context BLF calls on blacks to join, build and support this beautiful revolutionary movement to end white supremacy and install a fully responsive system to black needs. 

Contact Details To Join BLF: 

Black First Land First Mail:

Yerushka Chetty
National Coordinator
Cell: +27 72 649 7555

Lwazi Ntombela
Deputy National Coordinator
Cell: +27 82 588 0835


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