The South African government has blinked and caved into the bullying tactics of the USA imperial power. This is not surprising. The ANC government is a play thing in the hands of imperialist forces. The ruling party has long lost the appetite to fight for freedom. The sad reality is that all the main parliamentary parties are in the pockets of imperialism and therefore shall offer no useful response to this new assault on black bodies and lives.

It is no secret that it is black people who are going to be eating the confirmed cancer causing USA chickens that comes into the stores today, 15 March 2016. The “chicken” is not really chicken – its a piece of fake flesh pumped with all kinds of chemicals with very high health risks. This cancer causing chicken is going form part of the staple diet of the poor, added to the current doze of poison in the form of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) found in the 90% or so of all maize meal. SA is the only country on earth were its staple diet is made of GMO.This cannot be emphasised enough! Our people are already eating SA produced poison in the form of “pap”. Add to this the USA imported cancer chicken puts the health of the nation at an even serious risk.

Why is government allowing this?  Why are opposition parties silent? It is because all are agents of White Capital.

Black First Land First calls on the nation to unite in one voice and demand that #USAcancerChickenMustGo!

We note that the SA poultry sector is colonial and operates from stolen land. This sector can’t ask for protection when it is itself illegal. We are not part of the two foreign forces fighting over markets. BLF is only concerned about the health of black people.

We say to our people lets raise our own chickens! Lets boycott the cancer causing chickens! It can be done!

BLF shall be entering into discussions with other progressive organisations to find solutions to the deliberate poisoning of our food and sustenance in general by capitalist imperialist forces. This is a gross violation of our human rights and its a perpetuation of racism. They don’t care because we are black! We are blacks being poisoned for profits. This must end NOW!


15 March 2016

Contact Details

Black First Land First Mail:

Zanele Lwana
(National Spokesperson)
Cell: +27 79 486 9087

Lindsay Maasdorp
(National Spokesperson)
Cell: +27 79 915 2957



  1. I Salute you all

    We as South African need to remove our selves from the Western systems, We need our African System, where you slaughter your own Chicken, we cannot trust all these big cooperation as they treat us as a dumping ground, we are looked at as Third World yet the so called First World survive through our Resources.

    This is my personal view, we need to migrate blacks from consuming Western Food, we need to eat maize from our garden not with the mind of poverty but with the mind of running away from the garbage that we buy at Big and small shops, we need to eat from our garden ( question yourselves once you eat same fruit for the whole year, why is it available for the entire year ? it is because it’s genetically modified for the third World consumption as their First Grade come from us in the Third World )

    I call upon all Black People in this Country for one day to stop everything and Strike for Land….
    Luvuyo Magaqetyuwa Mtshamba


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