We wish to confirm that all 7 students who were arrested last week appeared in Court yesterday and they were all granted R1500 bail each by Soshanguve Magistrate Court, they are all out and safe. We have replaced a state lawyer who was representing them on the first appearance and now they are represented by two private lawyers who made their bail application yesterday.

It must be noted that these 7 students and their parents will never forgive TUT for what it has done to them. University is a place where by young people must be empowered but at TUT we see the opposite. It was painful yesterday when we heard how these students were beaten by University deployed Security before handed over to the police .We can confirm that 4 of them are first year students who were never even part of the protest but were beaten for no reason and arrested after.

Soshanguve 6 SRC had made sure that they are all out and when further had a meeting with their parents who shared their disappointments towards heartless actions by the University.

We further welcome the revision of the University decision of shutting down both soshanguve campuses. After exposing them and advising the Chairperson of the University Council Mr Bandile Masuku, the EMC has decide to allow staff members to be back on campus and allow ICT Btech students to continue with their academic activities. We still hoping that they will do the same with Humanities Btech students. Indeed the EMC has realised that their decision was foolish and not in line with the interest of students and the university itself.

We further advise the Vice chancellor to stop responding to us with force when demanding to meet him. This is a University and not a tuck shop of him. TUT is the national asset as a result it must be treated as such. We note the meeting the VC claims to have with parents on the 19th of march. We are aware that this meeting is nothing but just a tactic to make public believes that he is doing something to solve Soshanguve issues while in reality we know that he is doing nothing. We urge parents of affected students (those students denied to register) to boycott this meeting by not attending it at all.

We are aware that the meeting called will come with no solutions by will be used by our VC to spread his hogwash to our parents ,there for we are not available for it. The vice chancellor must know that lies tactics won’t work for him. No amount of manipulation will crash us.

We are still available to meet him and resolve these issues. He and his EMC members are advised to stop playing hide and seek with legitimate elected students leadership. We declare that they will be no peace in Soshanguve campuses until the man decides to swallow pride and meet with us. We receive mandate from structures that deployed us on the SRC, if he silence us and further expel us, the masses will mobilise themselves and continue with a revolution. Our structures in a meeting we had with them yesterday have pledged to take the protest forward shall the VC continue to excclude us in these processes.

The EMC has declared that today is the last day of registration for Soshanguve Students, while themselves have told students to go homes, We are with thousands of students who are not registered at the moment due to financial exclusion the management has exposed to them. We wish to make it clear that if the registration date is not extended so to allow those who have not registered to register there will be no peace in Soshanguve campuses. We are not begging the vice chancellor nor the University Registrar  to extend the dates but we are demanding. Our students with historic debts must be allow to pay what they afford and be allowed to register.

We are ready to die for a black child to be granted his or her right to education by the arrogant TUT management. This right was fought by Tsietsi Mashinini, Hector Peterson died for this right there for there is no man or white man that can deny us this right. We are reflecting on all events which have took place and we are not discouraged by suspensions nor arrests. We won’t cool off the protest of the demands of our students are not met.

In closure we advise the VC and his EMC members to stop the tendency of excluding us in all these processes. There is nothing about us without us.

For details contact : Vice President Sthembiso Ka Shandu 0789164200 / .


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