The Zuma must fall march is an initiative of white right wingers, corporate media and other reactionaries from the DA to the “Vavi” support groupings. The ideology and agenda of the march is both racist and pro-capitalist and therefore fascist. The march was in defence of white supremacy and the capitalist markets which have ensured the exclusion of the black majority from the economic life of South Africa.

The march shows the paradox in South Africa’s political arena. The racist right wingers are opposing Zuma because they feel he is not providing enough protection to neoliberalism. Today’s march was a march in defense of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) which lost close to R200 billion in few days as a result of the markets. Consequently the campaign seeks to discipline Zuma to force him to tow the line. The march was essentially about protecting white money and a strike against transformation.

This was the first march organised by the corporate media. The dangers of a “right wing united front” is that it will turn the legitimate frustrations of the people into a weapon to reorganise neoliberal solutions instead of ending neoliberalism. Precisely because of the weak and divided left, the right wing is preparing itself to benefit from the social unrest generated by Zuma’s policies which in turn benefits the very same white right wing social strata together with elements of senior black journalists who benefit from the status qou.

Just like in Venezuela where the right wing acting against the revolutionary programme known as Chavismo starved the people , in SA the same right wing works with the government of Zuma to implement anti people policies. In this regard when people get angry, justifiably so, and seek alternatives the very same right wing presents itself as the anti corruption alternative using its propaganda arm (the corporate media) to push this agenda.

Zuma’s right wing economic policies have alienated the masses. Now the very beneficiaries of those policies are staging protests to scapegoat Zuma so that the policies are thereby rescued and the status qou maintained.

BLF rejects Zuma and the ANC neo-colonial and neoliberal policies which puts markets before people!  Equally BLF rejects the fascist campaign of  #ZumaMustFall. These are two sides of the same bloody neo-colonial and neoliberal capitalist coin. One is not worse than the other.

We call on real left forces in our country to get organised, to remain principled in the rejection of the ANC neo-colonial, neoliberal path! At the same time we call for the rejection of the facist corporate media evidently acting in defence of capitalism in such campaigns as #ZumaMustFall.

The #ZumaMustFall campaign is one of the most dangerous schemes devised by white settlers in defence of their ill-gotten wealth and in this context the counsel of Amilcar Cabral is instructive:

“We must walk rapidly but not run. We must not be opportunists, nor allow our enthusiasms to make us lose the vision of concrete reality.”


16 December 2015

Contact Details

Black First Land First Mail: blackfirstlandfirst@­

Zanele Lwana

(National Spokesperson)

Cell: +27 79 486 9087



Lindsay Maasdorp

(National Spokesperson)

Cell: +27 79 915 2957



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