“…what black Africans have been calling “independence” for the last 50 years, has actually been black comprador colonialism. On each country’s “independence day”, it simply moved from being ruled and exploited for imperialism by white expatriate colonialists to being ruled and exploited for imperialism by black comprador colonialists. There had simply been a changing of the colour of the staff, from white to black, in the same imperialist prison. Consequently, white supremacy remains entrenched everywhere, obscured by black buffer, front office governments. For independence to be attained, the struggle needs to be resumed to overthrow the black colonialists—the black comprador managers of what Nkrumah called neo-colonialism.” Dr Eluoma Chinweizu ~ Black colonialists: the root of the trouble with Nigeria


BLF condemns the terrorist attacks in Yola, North East  Nigeria on Tuesday where more than 80 people were injured and 30 others were killed. BLF further condemns similar barbaric attacks this past Friday in Mali that involved more than 100 people being taken hostage in a hotel in Bamako, 27 of whom were killed. We send condolences to all the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the said attacks in this past week.


We note that while the Mali attacks are claimed by the Al Qaeda affiliate Al Murabitoun and the assault in Nigeria is associated with Boko Haram and that in both these cases and other related cases the United States has “committed” itself to working very closely with the Nigerian, Malian and surrounding governments to defeat both terrorist groups and to this end violent extremism in the region – this gesture of the US is made under the guise of realizing its own shared vested imperialist interests with the Common Wealth in Nigeria and with France in Mali.


We view the people of Nigeria and Mali  and indeed Nigeria and Mali itself as an inseparable part of the African continent and to this end an injury to any Nigerian or Malian citizen is an injury to us as South Africans. BLF calls on the people of Nigeria and Mali to look at what has brought them to the situation that they find themselves in now – a situation of deep crisis that locates them in the cross-fire between competing imperialist and black comprador colonialist interests. We call on the people of Nigeria and Mali to each build genuine people’s power via a revolutionary people’s movements;  put revolution back on the map so as to uproot colonialism and imperialism and to install fully responsive states capable of correcting the current situation.


To this end BLF envisages a future New African Power based on principled unity so as to influence the creation of structures and mechanisms towards the correction of the neo colonial situation on the African Region. We see the situation in Nigeria and Mali and in fact the whole African continent as having it’s root cause in white supremacy and to this end we see the strategic objective of achieving freedom, on the entire African continental level, through the destruction of white supremacy and ultimately through ushering in a system that is responsive to the needs of all the people of Africa. More specifically in relation to eradicating terrorism globally – it is only through the liquidation of white supremacy that international peace and security can truly be attained.




22 November 2015


Contact Details


Black First Land First Mail:


Zanele Lwana

(National Spokesperson)

Cell: +27 79 486 9087



Lindsay Maasdorp

(National Spokesperson)

Cell: +27 79 915 2957



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