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The Black First Land First movement recognises that France has been engaged in war for close to four hundred years against black people. We recognize that in this war, they have sought to rob blacks of their land, labour and African sense of being. Through their many civilizing missions in Africa and elsewhere, they have and continue to exploit and kill the people of this land.


France’s barbaric tactics have not only been toward our governments, who have been in an unholy alliance with the West against the people, but also toward its people, and their bullets have been indiscriminate. We note the many African countries who continue to pay France for the barbarism they have forced on us, which they incorrectly call ‘civilization’. We note also the ‘reparations’ Haiti has paid for their freedom from slavery, which inturn has enslaved the Haitian people yet again.


Time and time again Europe has raised artists and thinkers, her Galileo’s, Newton’s, Leibnitze’s, Spinoza’s, Rembrandt’s and Shakespeare’s and hundreds more, whilst at the same time turning Africa into a bloodbath. The white world has not at any point hoped to end this historic conflict, least of all France and the French people.


In this colonial war, which France and the rest of Europe is continuing in various forms, we stand on the side of the oppressed people of the colonial world. In times of conflict, we cannot postpone our critical capacity as revolutionaries at war with the evils of imperialism. The French people are at liberty to denounce their state and declare their allegiance to the fight against imperialism. But if they continue to support the violence of the colonial world, which sustains their livelihoods in the West, then they have declared themselves allies of a state which kills and plunders millions of blacks annually.


The fundamentalist attacks which Paris has recently seen is the creature of a violent world system which France has had a direct hand in creating. In the words of our brother and inspiration Malcolm X, indeed “the chickens have come home to roost. ”


BLF recognizes the Western bias the media has had on this issue, creating a sense of urgency among people of the world. The media has not shown us the bloodied white bodies, perhaps because their deaths are too dignified, but continues to reproduce images of black massacres, especially when the perpetrators are black.


It is clearly the case that some deaths are understood as an ethical emergency for the world, whilst the death of others is of no consequence.

As long as imperialism continues, there will be no possibility for world peace. And as long as imperialist countries continue to export violence to the periphery, the violence can be expected to be returned to the sender.



17 November 2015


Contact Details


Black First Land First Mail: blackfirstlandfirst@­


Zanele Lwana

(National Spokesperson)

Cell: +27 79 486 9087 Mail:­m


Lindsay Maasdorp

(National Spokesperson)

Cell: +27 79 915 2957

Mail: lgmaasdorp@hotmail.c­om


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