BLF will release its report on corruption at 14h00 today!

“The ANC government was told in a secret report how apartheid-era government operatives stole hundreds of billions from the State – and how vast sums could be recovered from those responsible and the European bankers who helped them hide the loot. But mysteriously, the Mbeki cabinet and the Reserve Bank decided to do nothing about it. Why?” – In September 2010 Noseweek

SA founded on corruption and crime

Jan van Riebeeck, who is the founding father of South Africa, arrived here in 1652 as a convicted criminal who specialises in corruption.

Together with his gang they systematically pillaged the wealth and land of indigenous peoples and created the foundations of modern South Africa.

The British joined in the racket and when thief met thief, they fought for the reign and then agreed that it is better to steal from blacks, so they formed a united front against blacks (colonialism, apartheid and imperialism).

In 1994 the corrupt state was inherited by the ANC and was never transformed, so it continued.

The historic crimes of corruption were never accounted for. Worse crimes of corruption committed by apartheid leaders, bankers, and white businessmen in the last decade of apartheid were not restituted despite overwhelming evidence of wrong doing (including breaking their own laws).

Objectives of Report

  1. To inform the nation of the extent of corruption and the role of white capital in it
  2. To identify where the money is and who stole it (focusing on apartheid leaders- political and business)
  3. To recover the stolen wealth of the nation
  4. To undertake both civil and criminal action against the guilty
  5. To insist that the SA government take action against white capital and stop protecting it
  6. To show the link of corruption that binds state and white capital
  7. To institute a principled struggle against corruption
  8. To encourage basic economic literacy amongst the people so as to demystify corruption and identify the main culprit.

Corruption in SA today

SA is under the yoke of historic and contemporary corruption. However, there is little understanding of how this historic and contemporary corruption are linked, with the consequence of “anti-corruption” being used as political football to settle political scores and to even engage in unprincipled mystification of corruption, and de facto protection of white capital.

The “Unite Against Corruption” planned march is part of the distortion of the corruption picture in SA. The march is constituted by groups of people who are fighting narrow political battles, people who are themselves tainted in corruption and are now holding hands with racists in the Afriforum formation Solidarity.

Specific reason why BLF won’t march:

  1. Vavi, Jim, and Malema, are immediate leaders in ANC alliance, who have fallen out of favour with Zuma after their faction lost in Mangaung.
  2. For almost 20 years – corresponding with R700 billion worth of state corruption – they had been supporting ANC, now they march against it!
  3. All three leaders have been tainted with corruption. They do not respect workers’ rights in their own organisation (CCMA and labour court matters).
  4. Vavi has been accused of corruption by Cosatu leaders
  5. Malema has been found guilty by the public protector for corruption and the High Court ordered his farm to be auctioned because it was gained from unlawful activities.
  6. The march pays lip service to confronting the corruption of white capital.
  7. BLF will never march with the racist Afriforum/Solidarity under any circumstances! They are defenders of land thieves!

Key findings of the Report

  1. The report found that a total of R563 Billion was stolen by white capital and can be recovered!
  2. That the main culprits are apartheid leaders (including cabinet ministers) who acted in cahoots with sections of white business.
  3. Apartheid leaders used the Reserve Bank as their own stokvel to loot!
  4. In 2007, 20% of the GDP was stolen through capital flight (under president Mbeki, who today leads the AU mission against capital flight, this is a contradiction!).
  5. 20% of the GDP in 2007 translates to R422 Billion stolen in one year! No one has been held liable!
  6. 6 billion was declared by companies as illegally taken out of the country in 2003! They only paid a R2 billion fine.
  7. Post-1994 government has on two occasions given amnesty to white capital for theft of billions (2003 and 2010)
  8. R50 billion was identified by the Competition Commission to be illegally gained in respect of which fines totalling  5 billion was paid
  9. R26 billion was stolen from the Reserve Bank. Despite at least three investigations that indicated wrong doing and possibility of recovery of the money, nothing has been done including by the public protector (four years later!)
  10. The CIEX report saga! Why did Thabo Mbeki put the report under the table?

Immediate actions by BLF

  1. Demand CIEX report be released immediately by President Zuma.
  2. Demand that Treasury reveal how much amnesty (in monetary terms) was given to white capital to continue illegal activities in 2003, and what happened to those who didn’t declare?
  3. Demand the disclosure of how much money the South African Reserve Bank wrote off, of the stolen monies in 2010, through the Voluntary Disclosure Programme?
  4. Demand that the Public Protector immediately release the report and findings on the R26 Billion – first identified by CIEX and which she has been investigating since 2011!
  5. BLF shall lay criminal charges against all the implicated parties (we have their names)
  6. BLF shall undertake civil claims against all those who benefited illegally
  7. Planned numerous direct actions to demand accountability.
  8. Hold meetings in communities to educate our people about white capital corruption and its scale.
  9. Call on black progressive lawyers to work with us to find justice!
  10. All monies recovered to directly benefit the youth, the unemployed, and the poor!


29 September 2015

Contact Details

Andile Mngxitama

(National Convenor)

Cell: +27 82 678 3200


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