It would seem that for the black person it is no longer the questioning of the meaning of life that is important, but rather “Why did god make me black?” South Africa continues to be confronted by the stubborn arrogance of racism. Racism has even forgotten how to hide. ’94 is long gone, and white people have so deeply been forgiven that justice around the land, is far from the focal point for justice for the people, the black people. Hence we are caught up in asking “Why did god make me black?”

Stellenbosch University is a structure for white supremacy. It is a cornerstone for racism. A space where the normalisation of an anti-black society plays out with the same ease that sweeps across the greater Stellenbosch racist community and throughout South Africa, 21 years after the sell-out election. The election when the ANC decided white people can revel in forgiveness while black bodies become the burden in an anti-black society, and so our being seeking to become, asks, “Why did god make me black?”

Universities all around South Africa are being shown to be incubators for a thriving racist society. Education spaces that are meant to be at the forefront of teaching a new way of being. A black way of being, teaching black cultural, education and social experiences. Entrenching the memory of our ancestors, and building a society reimagined through the legacy of those who gave us universities, long before white oppressors stole the land. Yet as blacks we remain last, forgotten. We have to beg, even, apologise for being black.

Black First Land First (BLF) recognises the work done by Open Stellies, demanding more, we remind all black students and all our black sisters and brothers, the words of Steve Bantu Biko “Black man you are on your own.” No person will give you a more human face, this anti-black society is created and sustained to cast us as commodities that pass through institutions like Stellenbosch University, only to leave us defeated projects of a racist, white supremacist society.

There will be no rest, no space will belong to us, and we will never be first; until we position ourselves as Black First. We will never belong, until we take back the land that was stolen.

Walking into the university, being confronted by whiteness in all its arrogance, which seeks to brutalise the black being, even subjugating that body to an education that is white in all its guises. It’s therefore no wonder, the question reverberates, defeating the arduous student over and over…“Why did god make me black?” Today the question of belonging and the question of the land, continues to thunder just as loudly as when students were forced to learn in a language that was not their own, Afrikaans. History reminds us that, on that faithful day in 1976, the children of Biko, got up and remembered Black First!

Black First Land First calls upon all black students to position themselves as Black First. BLF calls for a revolutionary change of all institutions of learning, to become spaces that are Black First, carrying the cultural, educative and social practices informed by the black legacy and implemented in todays’ anti-black experience to deliver a future that is Black First!

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of the Black First Land First Movement (BLF NCC)
2 September 2015

Contact Details

Black First Land First Mail:
Zanele Lwana
National Spokesperson
Cell: +2779 486 9087

Lindsay Maasdorp
National Spokesperson
Cell: +2779 915 2957



  1. While I fully support the general sentiment conveyed in the article, I’d like to object to the
    self-deprecation implied in the title “Why God made me black?”. Man in his natural state is black.
    So blackness, the generous presence of melanin in the body is the NORM, the STANDARD for
    human beings. Research recently published in prestigious, mostly WHITE controlled science
    journals has now shown that melanin deficiency (paleness), blue/green/grey eye colour –
    marked indicators the ‘white phenotype’ are a result of a deviation from the NORM/STANDARD
    caused by a genetic defect causing albinism and are the most probable explanation of the advent
    of white people who started out as a group in central Asia (NOT Europe).

    White people have managed to overcome tremendous odds to assume unrivaled dominance in
    world affairs today by reasons we cannot fully comprehend without some insights into esoteric
    wisdom and ancient secret teachings of ancient Egypt. Being outcasts to world civilization for so
    long (did not develop written language, no science or art, etc), genetically inferior, it is a miracle that
    the have managed to assume such power. It is only by this knowledge that we can prepare ourselves
    to take over world supremacy from the man when God’s time is right. I propose that your movement
    finds black people who are qualified in the disciplines of ancient Egyptian secret knowledge and open
    up a school to impart the knowledge to your members. It will be the most empowering learning
    experience. Biko is good. Fanon is good. Sankara and Garvey are good reading too. But they all wrote
    in reaction to white dominance. Long after the black man had lost unquestioned supremacy in the
    world. This original wisdom far surpasses what the white man has managed to plagiarise from us
    and improve upon. Try it!


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