In Solidarity With the Greek People: Africa Says OXI to Austerity!


We are a movement of black radicals from South Africa. We have watched your struggle with great interest. We have learned some lessons from your brave stand against the bullies of Brussels.  We stand with you and the people of Greece and say a loud NO!

As Africans we have lived through a permanent regime of structural adjustment from the World Bank (WB) and the International Monitory Fund (IMF). Each package of the poison they say is medicine has pushed Africa deeper and deeper into poverty and misery. We have paid over and over the debt but we remain indebted and chained. What the evil troika is proposing is a well-oiled poison that kills. We don’t have to tell you this, you already know it: accepting the austerity regime by the troika will be nothing but surrender.  African leaders have for over 50 years surrendered and look at where most of our continent is at. What Brussels is proposing is nothing but a treaty of subjugation. We know this because we are living through the hell of structural adjustment, which people in most countries call “satan after people”. We have seen all the elements of the troika proposal and its identical to what has murdered Africa.

FB_IMG_1436030521762We need Greece to say NO! A resounding NO from Athens shall calibrate our own NO from the African continent. Africa has been fighting the austerity measures for too long. Our cowardly leaders have at different points chosen one more poisonous pill under duress even as our economies are on the dead bed from the poison peddled by the troika. The defeat of the austerity logic shall give the world a new logic to imagine economies of compassion that must put the people first.  The logic of money and profits belong to the past. The future if it has to work must put people first. Your NO is a NO we recognise as part our own NO. You speak as Europeans. We speak as the people of no language, because the combined evil force of Europe and America has cut our tongues so that our cries are reduced to a murmurer as they continue to rape our continent and its peoples. Yes we add our muffled NO, to your NO!

IMG-20150704-WA0018We call upon the people of Greece to turn their back on the bullies of Brussels and vote #OXI! We hold our breaths with the progressive peoples of the world for a new Europe, a Europe that shall recognise the devastation of its policies on the African continent and our peoples. We say NO!

We Are The One’s We Have Been Waiting For

Issued By September National Imbizo
South Africa
4 July 2015

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