june 16 1“If one’s line is correct, even if one has not a single soldier at first, there will be soldiers, and even if there is no political power, political power will be gained.” Mao Zedong

The “youth day” celebration called by the EFF on June 16 this year feeds into the ANC’s work among blacks to tranquilize and disarm us politically so as to extend their anti-black rule in service of white monopoly capital. Through these “celebrations” the EFF leadership will, via their holy scripture (the freedom charter), peddle their reactionary lines under the cover of “socialism” and thus serve to divert the activism of its membership and by extension the masses for revolution. This can effectively only result in inspiring blind enthusiasm and aggressive patriotism for the ANC’s neo liberal agenda driven by racial bourgeois democracy.

june 16 3

The planned celebration is a clear sign of the quickening degeneration of EFF politics and to this end its desertion of its Marxist, Leninist Fanonist line. In fact since the EFF’s National People’s Assembly it has been transformed into a mini ANC. EFF leadership has abandoned the radical tradition dictated by its politics for the reactionary “rent a crowd” practices employed by the ANC which in turn reduces significant revolutionary calendar days into mindless celebrations. Since when does a revolutionary movement celebrate a massacre instead of commemorating it? EFF is, via it’s reactionary leadership, part of the ANC strategy to depoliticize the youth and to this end convert them into a  counter-revolutionary militia at the service and command of a leadership it worships. The youth have been reduced to t-shirt wearing politically empty dancing cheerleaders. The EFF leadership is spitting on the faces of the hundreds that died on June 16, 1976. The money used for the night long bash could be used for political education and a dignified commemoration instead of a celebration. Only sick minds can celebrate a massacre! Imagine the day we are called upon to celebrate the Marikana massacre.

june 16 2

SNI condemns the capitalist lies that these celebrations entail and in this regard calls on all revolutionaries to thoroughly expose the anti black nature of these celebrations. We must use the legacy and lessons of June 16, 1976 to bring to our people the message and need for revolution in building a society along socialist lines. To this end the need to build the EFF so as to bring it in line with its politics of Marxism, Leninism, Fanonism is indispensable. SNI calls upon the leadership of EFF to call off the bash and apologize to South Africa including the June 16, 1976 class of Soweto.

We Are The One’s We Have Been Waiting For!

Issued by The September  National Imbizo

SNI is an alliance partner with EFF

15 June 2015


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