25 May 2015

The EFF Staff Workers Forum would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Apollo Gopolang Bohosi from the Northern Cape, Tumi Tau also from the Northern Cape,  and Celi Nkambule from Mpumalanga for winning their cases at the CCMA.  This is after they were unfairly dismissed by EFF led by Julius Malema.

It is important to remember that the EFF has failed to pay UIF and PAYE for its staff workers and we will ensure that they account for this crime.

We would like to applaud the CCMA for being objective and ensuring that the rights of workers are protected against an exploitive leadership that claims to be the vanguard of the working class.

It is also a pleasure to announce that none of the staff workers has lost a case with the CCMA. All other cases are ongoing and we are confident of victory.

We take the victory of the three fighters as a victory for the entire staff workers in EFF.  Staff workers must know that they can always count on us for support and they must not fear standing up for their rights.

We call upon the EFF leadership to comply with the law as per the CCMA rullings and pay these three workers their awards with immediate effect.

The EFF must know that the plight of workers shall always be victorious even against a gangster leadership disguised as a  vanguard of the working class.

Email: effstaff@gmail.com
Cell: 0767158937


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