We wish to firstly thank all those fighters who have extended their principled support to us after the Gauteng North High Court dismissed our urgent application on a technicality. We wish to say to all those fighters thank you for your revolutionary encouragement. Your words and actions have strengthened our resolve to fight and Save the Soul of EFF.
There has been confusion as to our statuses as members of the EFF. It must be remembered that we have lodged a High Court application at the Gauteng South Division of the High Court (Johannesburg High Court) disputing the authority of the current leadership of EFF to take any actions against us. The EFF leadership has gone ahead and expelled us despite this dispute being before the High Court. The issue of our membership of the EFF including the issue of us being Members of Parliament shall be finally adjudicated on by this court.
When the Pretoria High Court was approached on Monday 20 April 2014 as a matter of urgency to stop the EFF from illegally removing us from Parliament the Court felt that the matter was not one of urgency. To this end the court remarked that if we brought the application following the normal procedure (not on an urgent basis) then such a court could find in our favour and the whole process including the inauguration (swearing in) of the new MPs could be reversed. The court accordingly found that we could still get justice even after our removal from Parliament. The application was therefore struck out of the court roll on the basis that it lacked urgency since, as mentioned above, we still have access to justice by following the process of a normal application.
We wish to state that we shall now amend the Johannesburg High Court Application to also pronounce on our expulsion from the EFF and indeed from Parliament. We wish to assure members of the “Save the Soul of EFF” campaign that the fight is far from over! It is our revolutionary duty to defend the organisation and its vision. We can all see how the cardinal pillars of the organisation are being sold out to white farmers by the unaccountable EFF leadership.
Issued by the four MPs ( Khanysile Tshabalala, Mpho Ramakatsa, Andile Mngxitama and Lucky Twala),
24 April 2015

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