While addressing a mostly white forum of agricultural leaders in the Western Cape called, Gesprek, the CIC Julius Malema clearly sold out on the land question to appease and dispel white fears. In a room full of white farmers and business owners – the descendants of those who stole our land, Malema is quoted as having said:  “As long as it’s a productive farm, we don’t have to interfere with the production on that piece of land”. He went further to say “When there is part of a land which is not used for agriculture purposes, we would be having a problem. All we are saying is the land must be used. It must not lie idle.”
The EFF’s first cardinal pillar is clear and uncompromising on the land question: Expropriation of land without compensation for equitable redistribution.
The founding manifesto is also clear, “the state should, through its legislative capacity transfer all land to the state, which will administer and use land for sustainable-development purposes. This transfer should happen without compensation, and should apply to all South Africans, black and white.”
Nowhere in the manifesto does it state that only some pieces of land will be expropriated and others not. The CIC is therefore selling cardinal pillar one for 30 pieces of silver to white land owners. In mass rallies, the CIC sings one song – Black people must risk their lives and occupy “unoccupied” municipal land, and in gala dinners with white land thieves, Malema sings a different tune – white farmers must not be afraid because their land will not be touched. Is the CIC not taking us back to the ANC’s failed process of negotiating with land thieves for the return of our land?
The EFF Founding manifesto is clear on the question of land. Since when are we negotiating with, and begging for money from, those who stole our land?
The SNI implores the CIC to stick to the founding principles of the EFF. Let us not talk Left and walk Right.
Land or death!
We Are The One’s We Have Been Waiting For!
Leader: Botsang Moiloa 
23 April 2015

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