When Andile Mngxitama, Khanyisile Lichfield-Tshabalala, Mpho Ramakatsa and Lucky Twala   accused President Julius Malema and Deputy President Floyd Shivambu of under-handedness and corruption regarding both the financial affairs and the ideals of the EFF they were slammed by the CCT on a variety of charges and summoned to appear before disciplinary hearings set up by the CCT. Subsequently and on 11 April 2015  Khanyisile Lichfield-Tshabalala, Mpho Ramakatsa, and Andile Mngxitama were expelled and Lucky Twala was suspended from the party.
In this context it is important to note that the High Court application lodged by the 4 EFF MPS at the beginning of March this year asks for an order declaring the National People’s Assembly (NPA) held in December 2014 null and void and also that the current Central Command Team (CCT) has no legal capacity to undertake any disciplinary action against them.  The 4 members indicate numerous instances of violation of the EFF constitution as well as the rules and guidelines governing the election of leadership. They provide evidence of how the NPA was compromised and how this has rendered its outcomes a nullity. Although these matters are currently the subject of adjudication before the High Court the CCT has nonetheless expelled and suspended the 4 members following the findings of the disciplinary hearings that it has instructed.
The legality of the expulsions and suspension are now disputed by the 4 members. The application to nullify the NPA is supported by very strong evidence on the founding papers which is a clear indication of the process thats going to unfold with the real possibility of the High Court finding in favor of the 4 EFF MPS. It must be pointed out that declaring the NPA a nullity will have the effect of vitiating all decisions taken by the current CCT, including the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.
The disciplinary hearings of the four EFF members is farcical and deceptive! It is used by Malema and friends to hide what is really on trial here, ie the Azanian Revolution! It hides the fact that the counter revolutionary forces represented by Malema et al are busy preparing the path to take the EFF into the arms of the ANC and to this end are hell bent on destroying the revolutionary current within the movement which in turn is going all out to keep the movement on a revolutionary path!
The white sponsored media are very anxious to cast every slander and vile innuendo at the four and in collusion with the reactionary forces are blurring exactly what is the key issue of the trial! Moreover there are those who may not be fully positioned in a counter revolutionary stance but adopt an unthinking, uncritical and religious approach to reality and who therefore have no problem in accepting and repeating the same accusations. They are influenced, wittingly or unwittingly, by a general backward culture in which lies and slander are regarded as an acceptable substitute for sound thinking and critical engagement. This is the ANC culture of reaction that has become entrenched into our body politics. Here we call upon EFF members to do better!

What exactly are the crimes committed by the four EFF members?  What makes white capital and their minions unite in their attack against the 4 members. One obvious answer! The hatred that they have for the Azanian Revolution and the commitment with which they will want to smash it. The four EFF members are undeterred in their quest to sweep the party clean of counter revolutionary elements with compradorial  tendencies and in this regard to save the soul of EFF. They are determined enemies of counter revolution and are thrust by circumstances into mobilizing and leading the people against the generally reactionary and outrightly unconstitutionally elected CCT and appointed war council.  
Malema and friends are now busy whipping up as much anti sentiment against the four members as they can so that they can officially abandon the revolutionary ideals of EFF and ultimately take EFF to the ANC. They are desperate to consolidate their power hence they are using everything in their power to vilify the four. The four in turn are showing Malema and his friends that they hold them in utter contempt of the political line, ideological perspective and the spirit of the EFF constitution which is located in the commitment to realize the seven non negotiable cardinal pillars and the supplementary pillars of the organization.
Andile Mngxitama, Khanyesela Litchfield Tshabalala,  Mpho Ramakatse and Lucky Twala must be protected and defended for challenging the stranglehold of backward ANC culture that is stunting revolutionary engagement and outcomes!
The September National Imbizo (SNI) supports the High Court Application lodged by the four EFF members requesting the court to declare the National People’s Assembly (NPA) of the EFF null and void and of no legal force and effect whatsoever. The SNI also condemns the unconstitutional and illegal expulsions of Khanyisile Lichfield-Tshabalala, Mpho Ramakatsa and Andile Mngxitama and the suspension of Lucky Twala.
We Are The One’s We Have Been Waiting For!
Leader: Botsang Moiloa
13 April 2015

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