Reading from the EFF’s founding Manifesto as well as its Constitution, The September National Imbizo (SNI), as a part of the EFF, would like to state for the record that a campaign in KZN spearheaded by a former SNI member Jackie Shandu is very unacceptable.  The SNI did not dismiss Comrade Shandu, but his conduct and behaviour is found to be contrary to the founding principles of the EFF and the Black Power Pan Afrikanism (BPPA) principles of the SNI. The former comrade has actually exiled and fired himself from the SNI.
Referring to the EFF’s constitution, which is the supreme policy document of the EFF, the SNI quotes paragraph eight (8), which requires all members of the EFF to:-
Study and apply the theoretical line of the organisation being Marxist, Leninist and Fanonian philosophical thought and tools in a living way.
To work for the interest of the vast majority of people of South Afrika, Africa, and the oppressed world.
The third element which is the most important states that, every member of the EFF is expected to be willing and be able to “unite” the vast majority, INCLUDING THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN WRONG IN OPPOSING THEM BUT ARE SINCERELY CORRECTING THEIR MISTAKES AND HENCE SHOWING REMORSE FOR THEIR PREVIOUS MISTAKES.
Now reading the above and making reference to the founding schools, this anti-Indian Campaign is neither advancing our struggle for economic freedom nor is it a programmatic expression of Marxist Leninist Fanonian Politics. It only serves to promote WHITE SUPREMACY.  The SNI has as recent as February 2015 discouraged the EFF leadership on its promotion of hooliganism within the movement and in this regard its calls on membership to use violence on other members who are calling on leadership to align itself to the politics of EFF. More specifically SNI called on EFF leadership not to promote black on black violence.
It is therefore along those lines that we condemn the campaign in KZN by EFF KZN. It is well in line with the EFF constitution that leadership of the organisation should in consultation with the masses, investigates the necessary conditions when matters and/or concerns of national interest like in this case, arises. Ironically, the Economic power of South Africa does not rest in the hands of the targeted so-called Indians for they are entrepreneurs like some Blacks/Afrikans yet the planned raids are targeted to Indians.
More-than 60% of land, wealth, and businesses in South Africa is still in the hands of the White Monopoly Capitalist and safely guarded by Blacks who are a selected few. The question becomes, why would the Commander in Chief and President of the EFF who is an entrepreneur himself dine and assure rich white Stellenbosch families that the country belongs to all of us and their wealth is safe in South Africa under EFF, and then the “Indian” community of KZN becomes the political target?
Many have come out in defence of this hooliganism and anti black campaign with no political education and direction. However, the very same people cannot suggest how the “Colored” question should be resolved. The so called Coloured people are in the majority in the Western Cape yet they are excluded from participating and benefitting from the lucrative economic / business activity there. The argument that Indians are the most exploitative people does not hold water when mines, farms and other enterprises including fisheries and Government administration of this country are in the hands of a few Black elites (Indians included) who are actually the front office managers of white supremacy. White supremacy is the engine and control panel for the super exploitation of all blacks including the so called Indians who were brought here as slaves to work in the sugar cane plantations of KZN.
It should be recorded that nowhere in the founding documents of the EFF does the organisation talk of Indians as not being Blacks. Indeed the complimentary cardinal pillars of the EFF talks about the recruitment and promotion of Africans in the workplace. And the opportunities for workers to move up the ladder through opening up access to tertiary institutions so that workers with experience can benefit. And in this regard, we need to refer to employment equity reports and not embark on apartheid style raids on businesses of fellow Blacks.
It should be recalled that the strategic necessity of the birth of the EFF, of which the SNI forms part of, as a protest movement was predicated on two fundamental schools of thoughts: Black Power Pan Africanism and Progressive internationalism (Marxism, Leninism).   Having have said that, we are also clear about the essential prerequisites for solving our national social and economic challenges. Unless our programmes and actions as Fighters are not based on the above founding principles, then we will follow a narrow claim to economic exclusion and thus pursue the exclusionist sectoral interest for primitive accumulation.
The EFF’s founding Manifesto and the SNI’s Peoples Manifesto, which are both Fanonian and Sankarist, should define us. These Manifestos intimate the concrete conditions of blacks and the resolution of all the questions that confront us. We cannot therefore support and condone a project or programme that undermines the Manifesto of the organistation.
The SNI would like to remind the EFF leadership that it is well captured in the founding Manifesto under the heading “WHO STANDS TO BENEFIT” that the so-called Indian/Asian working class is largely constituted of peasant traders who own small and medium shops and enterprises. Their oppression and exploitation is relatively not at the same level as that of coloured and Africans working class in the country, however the Indian population should continue to be classified as a historically disadvantaged population and group. The Founding Manifesto further concludes that there should be conscious mobilisation of the Indian working class in the struggle for economic freedom in our lifetime, which will guarantee access to opportunities and constituencies that they interact with for sustainable trade.
It must also be stated that when black radicals said that King Goodwill Zwelithini was referring to Africans when he made the call “foreigners must go”,  the same people who are now on some “Indians hate us” trip attacked them. What is the evidence on the ground? Africans are being attacked in KZN. The majority of the people being attacked are blacks from other African States. Not one single white! We really need to assimilate the innovative and liberating message of black consciousness or we are going to be very efficient agents of white supremacy. It has now become a matter of life and death.
SNI  calls on EFF Ethekwini to stop it’s anti black campaign and to this end for EFF national leadership to give revolutionary direction.
As Fanon implied, “we will become empty shells with a crude and fragile travesty of what might have been if we do not see National Consciousness as an all embracing crystallisation of the innermost hopes of the whole people.”
We Are The One’s We Have Been Waiting For!
Leader: Botsang Moiloa
11 April 2015

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