We learned this afternoon through the media like the rest of South Africa of our expulsions and suspension. This act by the leadership of the EFF is again a demonstration of their disregard for the law and basic principles of fairness. Lying to the nation has become the common strategy of the leadership of the EFF to divert attention from its gross political and financial misconduct.
At this stage we wish to indicate that the High Court application we have lodged asks, amongst other things, for the review of the outcomes of the National People’s Assembly (NPA) and also to pronounce itself on our challenge that the current leadership has no authority to undertake a disciplinary action against us. These matters are before the High Court. We should all wait for the outcomes of the Court. EFF leaders should not seek to undermine the court process.
We note that the EFF leadership has announced our expulsions and suspensions after it had asked for an extension of time to respond to our High Court application. Therefore, these acts of expulsion and suspension are malicious and driven by self-interest. Essentially, these expulsions and suspension are an amateurish attempt to undermine the courts and laws of the country. As usual, EFF leaders disregard any rules they don’t like and create their own for their convenience. For instance, we have been charged with contravening certain provisions of the EFF code of conduct that we have never seen or heard of before. So they suspended us and went ahead and created a code of conduct to fit the concocted charges.This is how the apartheid regime operated.
The detail and overwhelming evidence of our High Court application is damning of the current leadership and exposes them as being elected fraudulently. How can we in good conscience subject ourselves to a kangaroo court? We asked the EFF leaders to furnish us with transcripts of the first hearing and they have failed to do so up to now.
Our complaint against the EFF leadership is two fold: there is firstly, a political corruption of the ideals of the EFF, and secondly, there are gross financial irregularities and mismanagement. These matters are both now placed before the courts. Firstly, there is our High Court application for the nullification of the National People’s Assembly which fraudulently elected the current leadership. Secondly, we note that a case of financial mismanagement has been opened by Wiekus Kotze. Over and above these, we now have more evidence of financial misconduct which indicates massive political consequences for our party and revolution.
We note that the Disciplinary Committee avoided to pronounce itself on the real issues underlying this whole saga not limited to the fact that the leaders of the EFF have imposed a convicted murderer Papiki Babuile on the organisation in the North West Province. We note too the total silence of the Disciplinary Committee on the misuse of credit cards that furthermore physically places the President of the party in Maputo, where a meeting with the ANC was arranged. If the so called disciplinary committee was impartial it would have asked that Julius Malema produce his passport. Furthermore, it would have asked Rihrandzu Baloyi to explain how on earth did he not know who Kenny Kunene was? This was a kangaroo court meant to do the bidding of a corrupt leadership. It’s a sad day that Advocate Dali Mpofu has chosen to let his good name and credibility be used to protect a compromised leadership.
We shall study the verdict and then respond in full. It must be remembered we do not recognise the EFF disciplinary process or the decisions of the current leadership. We wish to reiterate that we remain members of EFF and we are also Members of Parliament. Therefore, we shall be carrying out our duties as expected. We have written to parliament to expedite the process of unlocking our offices whose locks have been illegally changed by the EFF leadership. Furthermore, we remain activists in the Save the Soul of EFF Campaign.
Issued by Mpho Ramakatsa, Andile Mngxitama, KhanyisileTshabalala and Lucky Twala
11 April 2015
For more information call Andile Mngxitama at 082 678 3200


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