31 March 2015


Revolutionary Greetings Workers

It has come to our attention that the staff workers who have not yet been unfairly dismissed, are being given “revised” contracts to ensure there’s more “accountability”.  We see this as another lame attempt to get rid of more office staff workers particularly in constituency offices.  We can upon all staff workers not to sign these so called revised contracts.

It is ridiculous that within seven months,  office staff have been given three contracts. The first contracts were given in July/August last year,  the second in January this year and now there’s another contract.  This is total hogwash and it should be rejected with the contempt that it deserves.

It very clear that the senior  leadership of EFF doesn’t care about workers rights,  the well-being of workers families and the labour relations act of 1995 with its subsequent amendments.   The EFF leadership has declared itself enemies and exploiters of the working class. We want to state categorically without fear nor contradiction that the EFF will not get away with the abuse of workers.  The fake revolutionary mask that is worn by the leadership will be exposed.

It is utterly contradictory for EFF leadership to be calling all contract workers in the country to submit their information to the parliamentary office in light of the new labour relations amendments yet the are contravening the same labour relations amendments with their staff workers. The people of occupied Azania must know that EFF is led by demagogues,  power mongers,  exploiters,  factionalists and corrupt tendencies.

We as the Staff Workers demand; that EFF withdraws the new contracts including the January contract; that they pay all outstanding salaries to staff workers,  that they reinstate all workers who want to return to work and payout those who no longer want to be associated with the corrupt office environment within EFF,  that the EFF declare exactly how much constituency money they receive from parliament and give a report on how it’s being spent; that EFF allocates more resources in offices such as computers,  furniture,  membership card machine and field workers to be allocated operational funds so that they can be able to perform efficiently. All these must be done with immediate effect.

We once again call on all staff workers not to sign the so called revised contracts. All office staff members must contact us immediately for legal protection against criminals dressed as champions of the working class.

Email: effstaff@gmail.com
Cell: 0767158937


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