Today the suspended four MPs of EFF: Khanyisile Lichfield-Tshabalala, Mpho Ramakatsa, Lucky Twala and Andile Mngxitama have lodged a high court application in Johannesburg. The four lodged the application to ask the court to nullify the outcomes of the National People’s Assembly(NAP) which elected the current leadership of the EFF.

The four MPs argue that the current leadership has no legitimate authority to call them before a disciplinary hearing or make any decisions with regards to the life of the party. In the application to the high court, the members allege numerous instances of violation of the constitution of the party as well as the rules and guidelines governing the process  of the elections of leadership.  The NPA was compromised variously and its outcomes are not credible.

The four MPs have also decided not to appear before the Disciplinary Committee meant to sit today. They have instead sent letters to the current leadership of EFF informing them of their intention to lodge a high court application today.

The high court application is contributing to the Save the Soul of EFF campaign, which aims to fight corruption within the party and to hold all leaders and members to the Founding Manifesto of the EFF and in particular its seven cardinal pillars. The evidence submitted by various fighters (across the country through sworn affidavits to support the court application shows a pattern of systematic undermining of the EFF constitution and rules towards the NPA. The transgressions of EFF rules are amongst others setting up ghost branches, altering names of delegates, intimidation, promises of money and positions in exchange for voting certain slates, systematic sabotaging of audited assembly registers of delegates to the NPA, interference with the electoral process and unduly influencing the outcomes of the elections.

The support for the high court application given by fighters demonstrates high levels of support for the Save the Soul of the EFF campaign and political maturity of EFF members. This support for the high court application demonstrates that the Save the Soul of EFF campaign is owned by ordinary members of the party.

The four MPs have argued that the corruption in EFF is not only financial but also ethical and amounts to the corruption of the principles and vision of the party. The application is also meant to halt the ongoing purging of members and erosion of the memory of party.

The application is meant to contribute towards a clean culture, accountability and ensuring internal democracy in EFF. Never again shall electoral processes be manipulated to subvert popular will.

The four MPs have been invited to speak and participate at Save the Soul of EFF provincial dialogue in KwaZulu-Natal, Petermaritzburg this Saturday the 7th March.

For further information call Andile Mngxitama 082 678 3200

Issued by: Khanyisile Lichfield-Tshabalala, Mpho Ramakatsa, Lucky Twala and AndileMngxitama.



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